The Night Sky by Eric Erickson

Looking for Life

We know life.  Just look around, it’s everywhere! Living things tend to consume other living or once-living things to live. That stuff gets metabolized, broken down into life-force producing molecules.  It boils down to energy.  Energy is the life-force produced via metabolic

Solar Cycles

Solar cycles.  You probably studied them in science class, boring!  Something about 11 years blah, blah, blah, sunspots, yada, yada, yada, snore. Solar cycles, boring as they may appear, help us understand the long-term impact our star the Sun has on the

Night Sky Month Success!

October was the Hill Country Alliance’s first annual Night Sky Month celebration and was so successful I know it will become a tradition.  Some of the highlights: Night Sky Month Proclamations – Twenty five hill country jurisdictions, including counties (Comal county too),

Break-ups, Mergers, Re-orgs

“It’s business, not personal”- says the new VP as your entire group is eliminated from the “new company” business plan.  Could be a break-up, re-organization, spin-off, maybe a merger or take-over. This is the world of business. How funny, this is how