The Night Sky by Eric Erickson

The Autum Milky Way

I offer this article to any of you who succumbed to my nagging about getting binoculars as well as those who already have binoculars. We in the southern part of the country typically celebrate  the Summer Milky Way, focusing on the plethora

So, Where are They?

In 1950 Renowned physicist Enrico Fermi supposedly asked colleagues  during a lunch break at Los Alamos laboratory, “If there are extraterrestrials, where are they”? Good question. Dr. Fermi was also asking, if they had visited, why no evidence of extraterrestrials had been

What is the Present?

Live in the moment, stay focused on the present, exist in real time. These are philosophical concepts. You might have heard one of these coming from a coach, teacher, yogi, Pilates instructor, maybe a parent. What does it mean? They all want

We Want You!

Interest in science hit me when I was about 10 years old. I was in our local hospital for the night with a broken leg and my 4th grade teacher brought me a book. I had a major crush on her so

The Stars on our Block

My nearest neighbor when I was growing up raised chickens in a coup and yard area surrounded by…yep, chicken wire. Beyond my nearest neighbor was the neighborhood, my block. It seemed immense when I was 8 years old, full of spaces to

JWST Has Been Busy

The big infrared eye named James Webb Space Telescope has been working hard since first achieving its home position at L2 in January 2022. Sure, there have been many absolutely gorgeous photos published and that keeps us all excited about our investment.

What does Space Weigh?

This seems a peculiar question, but astrophysicists and cosmologists have been trying to weigh space for decades. Another seemingly peculiar question, is empty space empty? Well, that one appears to be moot. Our current state of understanding says no, even a perfect

Science is Wrong!

Some recent headlines appear to suggest science is a sham, or, at least, that many practitioners of the scientific method can’t tell their xxx from a hole in the ground. OK, the second part of the previous sentence might be correct, scientists