The Night Sky by Eric Erickson

Sagittarius Time

This is the time of year when Sagittarius reigns supreme. It’s a little low now but getting better each day. Sagittarius is busting with things to look at. Our Milky Way galaxy verily pours out of Sagittarius’s teacup spout as its steam


It’s officially summer on Tuesday, June 21st, at 4:14 AM CDT for those wanting to know. Summer solstice and its counterpart winter solstice in December are seasonal indicators of change. Change in the length of daylight hours/nighttime hours. They and their intermediaries

More Suns, More Fun?

Until the late 1980’s the thought of other stars having planets, much less entire planetary systems, was the stuff of science fiction, not science. Then bang, the first one was found, and a paper published in 1988 by Canadian astronomers Bruce Campbell,


In 1990, while I was still a productive citizen, I luckily got to see plans for Space Station Freedom. This was at the Johnson Space Center, always a great client to visit. Back then my contractor ID gave me access to many


My philosophic view of our universe is everything, really, everything that exists is on the spectrum of existence.  I see existence as a smeared continuum vs. absolutes.  An example is visible light.  It’s part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Red light is part